In the year 2000 the Reti e Sistemi S.r.l. placed on-line, the very first site among the sites that now belong to the circuit INDETTAGLIO.IT. Over the years the circuit was increased up to the actual size counting more than one million unique visitors per month.


The sites belonging to the circuit INDETTAGLIO.IT can be classified as follows::

National Portals: USA and Italy

Italian Regional Portals: one for each region of Italy Altri portali: Sito di Annunci Gratuiti WHY THE CIRCUIT INDETTAGLIO.IT?

  1. To give companies the opportunity of advertising on different areas and to have a certified audience.

  2. All the sites of the circuit INDETTAGLIO.IT are certified as number of visitors, their demographic and geographical distribution, gender distribution, education level distribution and incomes distribution from a third part company not related in any manner with our company.

  3. We are pleased to inform you that you can put on your own banner campaign on our sites starting from just a very few dollars by using the Google AdWords © service. AdWords © allows you to manage your budget without surprises and allows you to customize your ad campaign so that it will fit exactly your needs.

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  4. We can also provide direct advertising to anyone, even with non-standard formats on one or more sites of the circuit INDETTAGLIO.IT.

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